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Orgone Generators



We have received many questions about our newly acquired Orgone Generators.  These unique objects are handcrafted by a retired high school teacher from Richmond, BC.   I will quote some of his product information to help us understand where the idea to create these objects came from.


" I came across the work of Wilheim Reich, an Austrian psychiatrist who had been an assistant of Freud's in the twenties, and who then left and went on to do some interesting original research into what he named ORGONE which was everywhere and in everything.  He was able to draw in this orgone energy into orgone accumulators - wooden boxes lined with steel and cotton batten.  People with health challenges sat in these "accumulators" for varying lengths of time and many were either cured or helped significantly.  The AMA got wind of this and decided to put a stop to Reich by charging him with "transportation of a medical device across Interstate lines".  He didn't show up in court to face this charge, so the Feds hauled him off to court where he was charged and found guilty and sentenced to two years in prison.  While in prison, he suffered a heart attack and died.  The authorities ransacked his research centre in Rangel, Maine and took all his books and research papers;  they burned them publically in New York City in 1957.


A fellow by the name of Don Croft from Oregon had read about Reich's work and got interested in pursuing it. He discovered what had eluded Reich, namely how do you prevent an overload of the toxic, negative Orgone from accumulating in a given area.  The secret, it turned out, were crystals embedded in a metal matrix with resin.  The resin would attract the negative Orgone and it would immediately be repelled by the metal.  So now you have attraction and repulsion at a very high frequency; this is chaotic energy.  The crystals embedded in the metal matrix have the ability to transmute this chaotic energy which all living things above a one-cell state will attract to themselves. All living things know what to do with this good energy and it is not dependent on someone understanding or believing in it.  All living things want to achieve homeostasis (balance), and this orgone energy helps living things to do just that in greater or lesser degrees.  So when an Orgone Generator is introduced into your immediate environment, it will attract any negative energies into itself and transmute this into good energy which all living things will attract to themselves in order to utilize this energy to help balance their bio-energy fields."


To learn more about Orgone Generators, drop by the Centre and see them for yourself.  A personal Orgone Generator Disc sells for $ 25.00 and can be kept in your pocket. It works within a 3 meter radius.  The pyramids and other shapes can be placed anywhere in the house, office, yard or car. They range from $ 25.00 to $ 200.00, depending upon the size and amount of metal encased within them.   And yes, they will help transform the EMFs and RFs from wires and pipes coming into our homes (smart meters, anyone?).


Did you know ......

  • Air element is correlated with our mental body and ability to think and reason;  it governs the Third Eye and Crown Chakras
  • Earth element is correlated with our physical being; it connects with Root Chakra
  • The experience you have when holding a mineral is directly related to its electro-magnetic energy signature


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